Freelance Jobs–What’s Your Advantage?

Joe Wallace Freelance Social Mediaby Joe Wallace

If you’ve been scouring the freelance job boards lately, you might have noticed a trend among the ads–those offering freelance job gigs aren’t necessarily asking for the dependable old resume and cover letter combo.

Consider the job ad I found while researching this topic at; one job ad merely asked for a sample of websites worked recently and a list of five reasons why YOU are the right person for the gig.

Which begs the question–why ARE you the right person for the job? Can you rattle off your top five strengths for your given specialty? I asked myself that question and found myself slightly rusty.

Unless I fell back on a couple of my old cliches–which seems pretty unsatisfactory to me, so I ran down my own personal checklist and refreshed my memory for a couple of recent accomplishments that would be relevant to anyone in need of an editor, ghost writer or social media manager.

Sometimes it’s good to blow the cobwebs out of the old brain box and remind yourself why, if you were a hiring manager, you’d hire YOU. It’s impossible to tell when you will need to rattle off a few of those recent accomplishments to impress someone who might pay you…a party, casual encounter at the coffee shop, anywhere at all.

Joe Wallace is a freelance editor, writer and social media manager. He is currently reviewing vinyl albums for the book WTF Records: The Guide To Weird and Wonderful Vinyl and writing a travel diary about indie record stores called Vinyl Road Rage. Wallace is founder and chief vinyl collector at