Thank You Readers

1327447_fireworks_5_1by Catherine L. Tully

Some days you sit down to write and the words just won’t come. Other days you find inspiration. Today was a day for the latter.

You see, today is a thank you post. I started to think about what I wanted to write and got going on a tangent of the history behind I was remembering Joe and I founding it in 2002 as a resource for fellow writers. We wanted so badly to share our experiences and help people avoid some of the pitfalls we had been through.

As time passed, we began to also share our successes and give insider information on how to do things right. How to succeed in this tough business. We focused in on how to make more money and work smarter (thus our tagline). We wanted other writers to do well. To see some of the good times (and good money) that we were able to achieve.

Now, has grown to include a host of other voices–each with their own stories to tell and advice to give. We have hand-picked our contributors over the years and are just delighted to have them with us here on the blog. That’s what it’s all about – from writers – to writers.

So today, I’d just like to offer up a humble thank you to all of our readers out there. You’ve truly made this site what it is today. Without you–there is no We hope we’re serving you well.