At One With The Chair: Writers And Exercise

Freelance-Zone Editor, Catherine L. Tully
Freelance-Zone Editor, Catherine L. Tully

by Catherine L. Tully

Ever since I’ve been writing it has been a continuous challenge to fit exercise in during the day. Granted, I do it anyway, but it isn’t easy.

Let’s face it–writing isn’t exactly an active profession. Physically, that is. Writers sit in the chair for hours, clicking and clacking away, with precious few breaks, save hitting the bathroom and getting lunch. It’s easy to let the activity dwindle until you aren’t doing much at all.

How are you doing on this front? Do you find time to be fit?

Joe takes multiple walks during the day and has a mini trampoline in his house. (Secret is out now Joe–sorry!) I head to the gym during the day (and usually one evening a week for a looooong workout) and take a total break from writing-related thinking to blast out some cardio on the elliptical or do some weights. I also have a weight bench and free weights at home that I use a few times a week.

So where is this post going, you may ask….well….I’m here to tell you the secret to maintaining a fitness routine, despite all the hours of “chair time”…Just Do It.

Nike had it right.

Set a time each day that you are going to devote to activity. Plan what the activity is, and when that time arrives–stop writing and start exercising. If you think about it–you’ll probably find a thousand things you “need” to do instead. When exercise becomes a choice is when you start to get lazy. Trust me–it’s the only thing I have ever found that really works for the majority of people.

For many, doing something in the morning is the way to go. You have it behind you immediately and it’s over. Personally, I need to wake up a bit first, but everyone is wired a little differently. The one common thing I find is that people who maintain an exercise program of any kind schedule it in just like any other errand or assignment that they have to do.

Give it a try–it really works!

Do you have an exercise “secret” you can share with other writers?