Writers – Do You Hate Mondays?

calendarby Catherine L. Tully

Guess what?

It’s Monday again.

I’m a self-employed freelance writer. I often work weekends. So why should Monday matter to me even one bit?

I’m really not sure, to tell you the truth–but it does. I still hate this day more than any other. Perhaps it’s the ingrained history of my experiences with this day from when I worked a corporate job. Or maybe it’s the fact that I teach a class in the evening on Mondays. I’m not really sure why it is that I find this day so daunting, but I do.

My question is–am I alone in this? Or do other writers find Mondays at the bottom of their “favorite day” list as well? And if you are among the group of people who dislike this day–do you know why?

My favorite day of the week is probably Tuesday. Monday is over and a solid week away, and I have a habit of working light on this day for some reason. Probably because I’m a workhorse on the day before.

If I don’t like Mondays, at least I do get a lot accomplished. Since I already expect it to be a rough day, I don’t seem to mind putting in extra time and tackling tasks I hate. Funny how that works, isn’t it? I hate the day, but I’m productive as can be.

Now that I’m thinking about it…maybe Mondays aren’t all that bad after all. 🙂

What’s your least favorite day of the week? I’m totally curious now…

Catherine has been a full-time freelance writer since 2002 and is co-founder of Freelance-Zone.com. She is also the owner/editor and webmaster of 4dancers.org, co-founder of Pas de Trois at dancing3.com and owns the group Dance Writers on LinkedIn. You can reach her at info (at) catherineltully (dot) com.

2 thoughts on “Writers – Do You Hate Mondays?”

  1. Only when I didn’t get enough done on Friday! I try not to work on the weekends.

    I occasionally dread Wednesdays when I’m having trouble getting interviewees to call me back…and the clock is running down on the week. (Since it seems like it’s harder to schedule people for Thurs/Fri.)

    But I’ve already had two laggards call me this morning, so I’m ahead of the game this week.

  2. Oh wow, are you ever like me! I work for myself as well, yet there’s something about Monday that just irks me. Always has, even when I was working a traditional job. Yet, around 9PM in the evening, I’ll suddenly get inspiration and get things done.

    And, like you, Tuesday is my best working day. Strange, right?

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