UK Freelance Writers – Find A Desk With Office Genie

office-genie-logoFor our freelance writers (and readers!) in the UK, today we have a post from “Office Genie” – where you can find a professional place to host your business without paying for a whole office.

With us is Ciaron Dunne co-Founder of Office Genie to share more…

1.      What is Office Genie?

Office Genie is the UK’s first online marketplace for spare desk space. We match up freelancers (and small businesses) with spare desk space in shared offices all over the country.

2.      How did the idea for Office Genie come about?

The idea came about when we wanted to fill some spare desks in our office in Cambridge and we couldn’t find anywhere to advertise! We were aware of the growing trend for desk space rental (rather than traditional office space rental), and indeed we’ve rented desks in shared offices in London in the past, but it was all done through word of mouth. So we thought: why not make an online marketplace? It’s free for businesses to list spare desks and (of course) free for people looking for desks. We make our revenue from bigger advertisers wanting to purchase premium positions.

3.      Why would freelancers benefit from using Office Genie?

Desk rental isn’t right for everyone, but it is right for an awful lot of freelancers. The usual “pro’s” quoted in our surveys are that it’s cheaper and more flexible than an office lease, and that it’s much more professional and sociable than working from home. So if working from home isn’t for you and you don’t much fancy committing to a 3-year lease and forking out the legal and admin fees for a small, pokey office, then finding a shared office near you may be just the thing. Most “spare desk” schemes are on rolling monthly contracts (so no long-term commitment) and there’s no time or money spent on office management. You generally just pay a flat monthly fee (monthly average £298/month/desk – although more like £150/mth/desk outside London).

4.      What types of office space do you have available?

Mainly spare desks in shared offices, rent-a-desk schemes and serviced offices, but also some “conventional” office space to lease aimed at small businesses.

5.      Where can people find more information about Office Genie?

Simple visit or call our office search helpline on 0800 368 0408.

Or check our shared office FAQs at