Freelance Job Sharing

Freelance Job Sharingby Joe Wallace

I can’t help it, I like to play matchmaker. I have friends who are up-and-coming in their freelance careers, and others who have been around the block a few times but suddenly find themselves in a situation where the work has dried up and they’re in search of any gig whatsoever.

I don’t like seeing my colleagues going through this, to be sure, but I do love the opportunity to help where I can. So I pass along any freelance job related intel I can get my hands on to my friends struggling between gigs.

In the past, I’ve made the mistake of just assuming people know to look at places like,, and elsewhere. And naturally those resources only scratch the surface of what’s out there, but many of my freelancing friends say they’d never looked there before I had mentioned it.

It’s easy–for me, at least–to just sit there and think surely everyone knows about these places, but they don’t. So now I just pass along everything and hope I’m not insulting everyone’s intelligence by doing so regardless of the source. If I see an “editor wanted” posting on Cat Juggling Magazine or Chicken Plucker Quarterly, my out-of-work pals are getting it and never mind the groans.

My days of just assuming “everybody” knows about the really good resources out there, especially when it comes to freelance gigs, are over!

Which reminds me–if you know of a good freelance job resource you’d like to share, please feel free to put them in the comments section or even contact us here at FZ about doing a guest blog post on the ones you think are most useful. We’d be happy to consider it.

Joe Wallace is a freelance editor and writer. His recent projects include editing a book on the voice over business, video game scripts, and he’s the snarky vinyl record expert at In his spare time, Wallace sells rare vinyl online and at film conventions. He is currently available for book editing projects and accepts writing assignments on a limited basis. Contact him: jwallace (at) freelance-zone (dot)com.