Review: Mobo For The Writer

Moboby Catherine L. Tully

I was admittedly skeptical when someone from Mobo offered to let me try out this ergonomic workstation. I have a pretty fantastic office chair and I doubted that this would make things any better. After all, when you sit at a desk for 7 or 8 hours (or more) a day, pretty much nothing is comfortable, right?

Wrong! I have to say that I really got into this, and it felt terrific. My hubby set it up, so I can’t tell you how difficult/easy it was, as I am a truly helpless human being when it comes to putting things together. (He didn’t seem to have any difficulty though.) Everything you need is included, with the exception of a Phillips head screwdriver.

Once I was settled into the chair with my Mobo on, I felt like Captain Kirk. Talk about a modern workstation! It was comfortable, practical and sturdy. I use a laptop, and it fit nicely on the Mobo (the keyboard surface measures 22?x12-1/2). I do admit the one thing I would change is the fact that there is no way to lock down the middle part to make sure you can’t accidentally flip it. (Still, I doubt that is very likely to happen. But I can be clumsy, so….)

I loved the fact that everything was supported, and it was extremely comfy. It definitely felt better than working at my desk. Nothing felt cheap about it, and the company states that the device is made from “high quality industrial polymers (polycarbonate and ABS)”.

Without a doubt, the best part of the whole thing is the fact that I felt cool in the chair with the Mobo attached. It really seemed like a “modern” way to be a writer. I would have to say I’d recommend it–despite my initial hesitancy. I don’t use it every day–I like to mix things up, as I believe that helps keep the repetitive stress injuries at bay, but when I really need to settle in for a marathon day of writing, it’s the Mobo that I turn to–not my desk.

So there you have it. As writers we are at a particularly high risk of getting Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs), so something like a Mobo can really be helpful. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t like it–but I do. The regular price is $89.95, but it is on sale (don’t know for how long though) right now for $79.95.