Welcome to Crazytown!

By Amanda Smyth Connor

Plan for the Week:coffee cups

  • Host obligatory Memorial Day BBQ (prep for 1 week prior, clean for 2 weeks after – whose shoe is this?)!
  • Complete three freelance projects!
  • Begin next freelance projects!
  • Run charity 5k that you agreed to run! (Why did you do that?!)
  • Schedule meetings with future clients!
  • Schedule meetings with current clients who are only available from 3:57-3:58pm!
  • Attend weekend wedding for which you have no gift or dress purchased!
  • Answer emails! Phone calls! Texts/IMs!
  • Be creative!
  • Dance, monkey! Dance!
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Maintain marriage with extremely understanding spouse

Oh I know, cry me a river. This is life. But the question remains, when you are your own boss and your boss is overworking you, how do you call a timeout before you burnout?

Not that I’m anywhere close to a burnout, mind you. When I do burnout, I intend to go out in a blaze of burnout glory, running through the streets with my pants on my head. My life is heavily comprised of uppers (CAFFEINE!) and downers (WINE!) and somehow I manage to make the most of the hours in between, but every once in awhile I stop and think – I don’t have kids. I don’t yet have a mortgage (apartment dweller in the city,) heck, I don’t even have a dog. I actually have very few life responsibilities (hello parents out there!) and I struggle to maintain the professional/life balance. That being said, if you try to take this 72oz coffee away from me, I will bite you.

We’re all looking for that piece of golden advice that will inspire us to keep our lives running smoothly. What golden piece of life advice do you live by and how, as your own boss, do you keep from overworking yourself?

Amanda Smyth Connor is a community manager for a major publishing company, owns her own wedding planning business, and has managed online communities and content development for many start-up and Fortune 500 companies.  She has been a professional editor for more years than she can remember.

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