Writers: Unplug And Renew

dsc_5735by Catherine L. Tully

I just spent about two days without electronics.

It wasn’t easy.

Even though it was tough, however, I highly recommend that all writers unplug every once in a while. It’s very healthy–cleansing, even.

In the freelance world, it is often a struggle to keep a steady flow of dollars coming in. This can lead to things such as obsessive e-mail checking, regular surfing to locate new ideas or clients and excessive tweeting, Facebook posting or other such promotional efforts.

While all of these things have their place in the work flow, I would argue that even a simple day or two of being without the computer and phone can re-set your energy level, making you even more productive.

I came back and launched right into tasks I had been putting off. Rather than throwing out miscellaneous tweets, I targeted them far better. And above all–my eyes felt rested and ready to read, edit and surf. I had extra energy and renewed inspiration. There is something about being away from all the noise that refreshes the mind.

You don’t have to go out of town to do this either. Simply put your computer away and tuck your phone in a safe place for the day. Go shop. Take a sandwich and iced tea and have a little impromptu picnic. Get out and see the sights a bit.

You’ll be glad you did. I assure you. And spring is a glorious time to do it.

Anyone else unplug and feel the benefits? How did you stay away from the keyboard? Share your secrets!

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  1. In my case, on top of being a writer I’m a photographer. So every time I’m outdoors or travelling, I take my camera with me. So I’m working 90% of the time, more or less. It could be by writing, networking, taking pictures or mental notes… Either way, I love it even if I can’t unplug easily.

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