Freelance Zone T-Shirts?

Freelance Zone tee shirtsWe’ve been telling ourselves that it’s time to create some freelance-themed t-shirts for AGES and now that it’s finally about to actually HAPPEN, we wanted to give you the chance to throw your two cents in about slogans and such.

We know what WE would love to see on a shirt, but what are YOU interested in when it comes to letting your freelance flag fly? Nothing could be better free advertising than a shirt worn to your favorite theater, coffee shop, record convention, etc. than something that screams “I am a FREELANCE WRITER”…

So we throw the floodgates open for suggestions for slogans and t-shirt topics relevant to the freelance life. Please feel free to make suggestions in the comments and we’ll be very happy to get some input.

And, t-shirt lovers, stay tuned as we’ll have an announcement or three about upcoming tees in the very near future. We plan a set of shirts that should amuse and inform…

5 thoughts on “Freelance Zone T-Shirts?”

  1. Front: “Freelancer.”
    Back: “Jealous?”

    Front: “Freelance Rockstar by Day”
    Back: “…And Night.”

    Front: “Not Your Mama’s Freelancers.”
    Back: “””

    Front: “Office Dress Code: Pants Optional”
    Back: “”

    It’s a brainstorm. There’s no bad ideas, right?


  2. There are DEFINITELY no bad ideas in a brainstorming session, except the one that goes “Let’s skip lunch”.

    I love the pants-optional one!

  3. Those are some good ones, Amanda!

    “You are not the boss of me.”

    “Have you hugged a freelancer today?”

    “Freelancers do it in their pajamas.”

    “Freelancers do it with creativity.”

    (VW ad ripoffs)
    “Clients wanted.”
    “Das Freelancer.”

    Hmmm. I’ll need to think on it!

  4. Oh, my gosh. These are wicked good.

    I’m in the Zone.

    Don’t mess with my Zone.

    Freelance me, Baby!

    The Genius Behind the Curtain.

    The Freelancer Behind the Curtain.

    When you grow up, you can be a Freelancer, too.

    Official Freelancer: Don’t be confused by imitations.

    Freelance Writer: If I were any happier I’d be obligated to blog about it.

    Freelance Writer: Full of Words, Willing to Use Them

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