Travel Writing Communities Round-Up


A great way to get involved and motivated with travel writing is to network. There are numerous online choices to find networks of travel writers.

Nearly every travel writer now has a Twitter account and it’s easy to follow and then start conversations with them.

If you’re looking for a friendly and easier to approach community, today I’ll highlight a few around the web where you can get involved and start talking about travel writing.

Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) – TBEX is a free community with over 4,000 members. Its members are primarily travel bloggers. Discussions range from help setting up a WordPress blog to advice on monetizing your blog. TBEX also puts on an annual conference, held this year in Vancouver.

Travel BBS – A reasonably active forum of aspiring and existing travel writers discussing all things relating to the topic.

International Society for Travel Writing – Membership with the ISTW brings you a monthly newsletter as well a subscription to “Studies in Travel Writing”. The ISTW also puts on occasional conferences. Annual dues are $90.

SATW – The Society of American Travel Writers boasts over 1300 members and has been around since 1956. In order to join however you must earn a significant amount of money through your writing. More details on being able to join can be found here: There is a $250 application fee and annual dues are $130.