Getting Serious About Travel Writing – Taking A Course

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Happy New Year! Is this the year you get serious about travel writing?

If so, consider enrolling in a travel writing class. You may scoff at the idea, but consider the outcome:

  • Paying for a class might be the psychological push you need to get yourself writing and submitting articles. After all, you don’t want to just throw away the money you spent on the course, right?
  • Just like getting an MBA, the network may be more valuable than the classroom material. The instructors are accomplished travel writers that will now have a stake in seeing you succeed. Your classmates are going to be great resources as well.
  • You’ll get honest feedback about your writing. This is definitely not an easy thing to attain.
  • You may end up learning a new style or technique from the classroom material as well.

With that, here are a couple online travel writing classes:

Jason Demant is the co-founder of, where you can find self-guided tour itineraries for your next trip. For the latest on travel-writing you can follow him on Twitter @UnAnchor, or join the I Love Travel Writing Facebook group.

Photo Credit: Gary Allman