Travel Writing Advice From Around The Web

sunset on a truckHere’s a quick digest a few great travel writing advice articles I’ve run across lately:

Get Published Now: Be Interesting – Simple travel-writing advice from Devin Galaudet. On writing a good travel story: pretend the reader is your friend. Your friend gets all of the dirt and detail, as should the reader.

Nuggets for New Travel Writers: 6. Sweet Taste Of Rejection – This is a great article that discusses the different types of rejection you’re likely to receive when submitting your travel articles. Allen’s advice is to learn to take rejection as an invitation. “No” does not always mean no.

What is wrong with travel writing – in microcosm – This post comes from the Grumpy Traveler (a great new blog I’ve recently started reading). This rant is a travel-writer blasting travel-writing. Two of my favorites points from the article: travel-writers have an odd obsession with hotels and writers tend to stay at expensive hotels that their readers can’t afford.

100 Favorite Travel WritersTripbase has put together some pretty impressive original content on their blog. If you’re looking for a few (or a hundred) good travel-writers to start reading/following, this is the place to start.

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