Process Payments On The Go With Payment Boss

Ever wish you could process payments on the go and accept credit cards via your phone? Payment Boss can offer you that solution. Today we have with us Peter Liao, the Director of Product Management to explain the features of this mobile application:

1. What exactly is Payment Boss?

Payment Boss is a mobile browser-based credit card processing application.

2. What are some of the key features that might be useful to freelance writers?

Some of the features freelancers may find useful include:

Users are able to use their existing merchant account to get paid, no need to sign up for a new one. Payment Boss currently supports Sage Payment Solutions, Cybersource, Moneris,, E-xact and BeanStream Payments.

  1. Richer information for product and customer information – users are able to enter and capture their customers information (eg. address, email address) as well as what was sold and have it centralized in one area, no need to maintain multiple data bases for marketing and sales purposes.
  2. Works on any 3G enabled mobile phone that has a internet connection.
  3. Integrates with Billing Boss so users can have a full end to end experience in managing their cash flow. With Payment Boss – the user can get paid now, with Billing Boss the user can get paid later. Data captured through Billing Boss or Payment Boss is centralized so the user only needs to update one application for real time updates on payments and customer data.
  4. Real time payment confirmation – users will know whether the payment has been successful or not


3. How difficult is it to set up and use?

It’s easy. Once you have signed up, login to Payment Boss from your mobile browser, setup your merchant account, click on process payment and start getting paid.

4. How much does it cost?

Payment Boss is $9.95 a month—a fraction of the cost of a mobile terminal rental. There are no transaction fees or additional costs (outside of your existing merchant account fee.).

5. Where can writers find more information about Payment Boss?

You can visit or

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