Freelance-Zone Welcomes New Writer Jason Demant

Rafflesia Flower Bukittinggi West Sumatra-SHello and welcome to my inaugural post. My name is Jason and I am addicted to travel. During the past year, I’ve quit my job, sold all of my stuff and have been through 10 countries. Unfortunately, I’ve used a lot of my savings in order to achieve this lifestyle, making it unsustainable. My goal in life is to find a way to make it sustainable and earn a living while traveling- which brings me to the topic I’ll primarily be discussing here on Freelance-Zone: travel writing.

Why I’m Here

I will be focusing my posts on travel writing as well as general travel tips. Within travel writing I will be providing recommendations from the top travel writers, posting about various travel writing opportunities, and discussing the latest news and trends within the community. I’ll be posting every 2 weeks, so make sure to look for my new post every other Monday.

My Background

My career began in the Silicon Valley. I worked for a large high-tech company for nearly 5 years before finally giving in to my ever-growing travel bug. Last October, my girlfriend and I sold all of our things, packed up our backpacks and hit the road. We’ve been primarily traveling through Asia, spending the largest chunk of the last year in South Korea learning Korean.

To find out the latest details of my travels, you can check out our travel blog, Life After Cubes or on Twitter @LifeAfterCubes.

My Latest Projects

While traveling I also started a company, UnAnchor is a platform to find travel itineraries for sale that detail what to do and how to get around in your next travel destination. It’s a great place for the aspiring travel writer to hone their skills while making extra cash as well. All itineraries are sold, with prices starting at $0.99. The writer determines the price and keeps 75% of the revenue.

For more on travel writing, please consider joining the “I Love Travel Writing” Facebook group or follow @UnAnchor on Twitter.

Final Note

I always enjoy connecting with new people. If you have topic recommendations, questions or feedback I can be reached by email at Jason.Demant [at] gmail [dot] com. I’m looking forward to being a part of the Freelance-Zone community and getting to know the current and aspiring travel writers out there.

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