Music Reviewers Wanted

Wanted: Celtic CD Reviewers

This is a courtesy post for Marc Gunn of Celtic MP3s Music Magazine:


The Celtic MP3s Music Magazine is looking for people to write CD reviews for the magazine. Reviews need to be about three paragraphs long with about 200 words. Writers should have some familiarity with WordPress to publish their reviews and should be good at self-editing.

This position is unpaid. However, writers will get a byline where they can promote themselves and a staff bio on the website. All music will be available as downloadable ZIP files through an FTP website, so you should be able to open ZIP files as well.

If you are interested in joining the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine and reach over 20,000 subscribers, then please write a CD review (preferably Celtic) and email it to editor (at )

FYI–I have written for Marc for many years and it is an enjoyable experience which I highly recommend. It’s a great opportunity to get your feet wet writing music reviews (and get a published credit), and the exposure is excellent.

Personally, I love it because I get to hear all kinds of great Celtic music. Irish girl that I am!   -Catherine