Creative Space

A much younger me
A much younger me

by Catherine L. Tully

I find that I really need to take a break once in a while now that I’m older. When I was young, I could work endlessly and not seem to suffer. Now, I can work for long stretches of time–but it drains me.

When you read this, I will just be getting back from vacation. I will have eaten steak, hung out with friends and caught up on sleep. And much, much more.

Taking the time to give yourself some “creative space” can be just the thing you need to boost your productivity and energy level. And you really need to get away from your present surroundings. Truly take a break from life as you know it. Somehow resting up at home does not have the same effect.

Giving your brain this down time allows it to open up to new ideas and experiences. It “re-sets” your view of life and lets you just play with thoughts for a while if you want to. If you haven’t done this in a while–perhaps it’s time. Jump in the car and take a drive somewhere for the day. Call an old friend and book a hotel room out of town. Jump on a plane and go somewhere exotic.

Or just pack a lunch and head to the park.

We all need to remind each other that this isn’t a luxury–it is a necessity. Today I’m reminding you. Pass it around.

And be sure to have a good time. I know I will.

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