Looks Like Somebody’s Got a Case of the Mondays

by Erin Dalpini

Cup of JoePicture this: You’re lying comfortably in your bed, dozing away and your alarm begins to ring. You roll over, shake yourself from your dream and groggily rub your eyes. That tell-tale, occasionally maddening noise is a reminder that no matter how early it seems, it’s time to leave that cozy bed for a day of work.

Whether or not you set your alarm clock every morning, most freelancers can relate to that grouchy feeling that we all get now and then– you know, a “case of the Mondays.”

How do you motivate yourself to start the workweek off on the right foot? Here are a few tips I’ve picked up to get my morning started off right.

1. Start off the day (and week) with a killer breakfast. Eggs and toast, oatmeal and a banana, fruit and yogurt: having a healthy, hearty breakfast–one that won’t leave you sluggish–to look forward to makes a big difference in your productivity (and happiness!). My favorite Monday morning breakfast is yogurt, berries and raw oats with a drizzle of honey and cup of coffee. Easy, refreshing and energizing.

2. Get organized: Make a list of all you want to accomplish this week, then divide and conquer. Your workload will seem less overwhelming if you break up your tasks between the hours and weekdays. I like to mix up my work so that the days aren’t too monotonous, others like to schedule tasks in bulk–do whatever works for you! And don’t be afraid to schedule in some time for fun, like a coffee or walk break, in the midst of querying, drafting, writing and invoicing.

3. Begin with a simple task. Ease into your workday with a simple, straightforward task that doesn’t take too much of your mental energies. Safe those heavy hitters (e.g. answering tough emails from clients, returning phone calls) for after you’ve warmed up a bit.

4. Make Monday a “funday.” I don’t know many people who look forward to Monday, but you can make yours more enjoyable by planning a special treat for that evening that will make the workday feel worthwhile (aside from the fact that you like what you do and have to pay the bills). It can be as simple as taking time for Monday evening yoga, making a dinner-date with a friend or having a home-movie night. You decide.

Keep your chin up writers–Mondays can be lame, but tomorrow’s already on the way. What are your ways to alleviate a “case of the Mondays”?