Writers: Get The Most Out Of WordPress

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If you use WordPress, how can you be sure you are getting the most out of it? As a hard-working writer, you can’t afford to miss out on the simple things that will make a big difference. Take a look at these strategies for maximizing your time and effort…or for getting started…

Brian Horn gives some great basics in terms of tagging and SEO.

Concerned about security? Check out Lorelle on WordPress for the real scoop on how safe you are.


Just getting started with WordPress? How about some recommendations in terms of themes? Editor Unleashed has a great post on this subject.

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for understanding who is using your site, where your hits are coming from and how many you are getting. It has an amazing number of features you can check out. (FYI…you can’t use this with WordPress.com accounts since they use their own tracking system.)

Blog maintenance is crucial. Take a look at this basic checklist for keeping yours up-to-date. And don’t forget to back up your blog too.

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