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reganby Catherine L. Tully

By now FZ readers know that I am into exercise, so I thought I’d share this gem with you…

To the left, meet writer Regan Leigh, who has come up with a sort of “on-line support group” for writers in terms of exercise. What do you need to participate? Two things…the desire, and a Twitter account. Simply tweet your goals and then update on whether you reached them or not. There is a little more to it, but I won’t spoil the fun…check out Regan’s site for the details.

When it comes to exercise, everyone can use a little support, right? Join TeamLazyWriters today!

4 thoughts on “Join TeamLazyWriters!”

  1. Hi Catherine!

    As a fellow #teamlazywriters member I’d like to thank you for this wonderful feature! Let’s hope I don’t have a Sloth avatar in my future… LOL

    Thanks again,

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