To Japan With Love Has Arrived!

tojapanby Catherine L. Tully

The wait is finally over. Joe and I were both¬†recently published in the book To Japan With Love, and today I received my complimentary copies of the book in a box–all the way¬†from Hong Kong.

It was a cool moment–I have to admit.

Being published in a travel book is a big deal in the writing world, and I am just thrilled to have two stories in this guidebook. It is my second time getting published in a book, and it is just as neat the second time. Every once in a while it is just fun to share an accomplishment with FZ readers. Thanks for being there…and keep working toward your dreams…they really can come true! (* And special thanks to Celeste Heiter for her great work editing this book–you are terrific!)

2 thoughts on “To Japan With Love Has Arrived!”

  1. Hi Catherine, Just read about To Japan With Love. Congratulations! Being published in a travel book IS a big deal. Whatever the subject, I hope your next book is a Dream of Things book!

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