Glossary of Terms Found in Freelance Job Ads

freelance job adsNew to freelancing? It takes time to learn how to properly interpret those Craigslist ads and other freelance job posts. Do you know what all those terms REALLY mean? Here’s the latest you should know, when you see the terms in bold, you should translate them.

Citizen-Powered–No pay

Citizen Journalist–No pay

Freelance Writers Wanted–Demand Studios wants you

Free-Lance writer wanted–Content site wants cheap writer to write SEO stuff

Get Exposure–No pay

Extend Your Reach– wants you

Submit Story Ideas–lazy editor wants you to give him free ideas he can assign to others
Must have experience writing–we’re not a hiring strictly for publication, we want a writer who will also answer phones and do customer support crap

Non-Profit–low pay

Talented Writers Wanted–low pay writing work for content site, probably Suite 101

Freedom to Write What You Want–low pay writing work for content site

Two Years Experience Required–will accept no experience in return for low pay

Startup Business With Tight Budget Needs…–VERY low pay and plenty of revisions and rewrites

Creative Writer Needed–Will take just about anybody

Talented Writer Wanted–We tried all the untalented writers and for some reason it didn’t work out

Enthusiastic Writer Wanted–We’ll work your ass into the ground if you let us

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