Yes, Google Mail Is Down UPDATED


***UPDATED*** Looks like Google is back to normal now. The zombie attack or whatever it was is over. But in case you’re needing a bit of history, read below for a wee bit of snark.

Google Mail is down according to very recent reports and if you’re relying on it to get ANY work done today, might as well take an early powder and crack open the beverage of your choice. One does idly speculate if the fires in California have anything to do with this, but that would be irresponsible to say—could be any number of damn things from a melted server to the return of the UFOs from the seventh dimension to claim all the really good Scrabble players.

2 thoughts on “Yes, Google Mail Is Down UPDATED”

  1. This happened with gmail about a year or so ago, back when it was my main work account, and it really threw my work for such a loop that I switched over to my current account, which I have through my website’s domain.

    But I use so many of the Google apps and not being able to access them today was indeed frustrating! It’s a good reminder that we can’t rely too much on online tools, because they’re not as reliable as we think.

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