Writers And Pets

dog picby Catherine L. Tully

I have had pets my whole life, but I have to say that as a writer they have been especially helpful. When I first started writing I had a betta right near my desk and it would tempt me to look away from the computer. Just a fish, I know–but it was so pretty. My eyes got some rest from the screen because I would watch it swim around in the bowl.

I now have a dog who dutifully lays at my feet (crams himself–all 90 lbs–underneath my chair) while I tap away at the keyboard. From time-to-time he reminds me that I need a break. His walks become my time away from the computer and I dare say it is more of a break then I would take without him…

I find most writers who have pets owe them a bit of a thank you. Our pets keep us company, provide us with a laugh here and there and lower our blood pressure when things get crazy in the writing world. Personally, I know that I wouldn’t be having as good a time of things if it wasn’t for my pup. Writing can be a lonely business and he is a terrific companion. He doesn’t talk to me when I’m writing and he pretty much leaves me alone except for the occasional potty trip.

What about you? Do you have a pet, and if so, how does it figure into your lifestyle as a writer? I’d love to know…

6 thoughts on “Writers And Pets”

  1. I call my dog my only “employee,” and a high-maintenance one at that–you’re right about the forced breaks. She’s a very active Lab who requires at least a couple mile run through the woods every day, good incentive for me to get my butt out for a run, or, with winter coming, a snowshoe trek. Outside with my mind freed, I always come up with creative ideas, so it’s a double benefit.

    It used to horrify me when she’d start barking when I was on a call, but it actually turned out that most office-bound people were jealous.

  2. Catherine, is that your cute dog in the pic? If so, he reminds me a bit of my “first employee,” a big black lab mutt who liked to cram under my desk or by my chair. He hated running, but he loved walks…often by himself, whenever someone left the front door open.

  3. Jake–that’s funny that you call your dog your “employee.” I call my Boston Terrier, Maggie, my co-worker, but come to think of it, she doesn’t do very much, just sleeps and plays with her bone. Sometimes she’ll snore while I’m doing an interview and I have to wake her up or get her out of the room, but I can’t imagine working from home without her.

    Catherine–You’re very right that our dogs are great companions. We got Maggie soon after I’d started freelancing full-time from home, because I so badly wanted someone to keep me company (but who would also let me get my work done).

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