Writer Jobs for Tuesday September 8 2009

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Here are the latest writing jobs…brace yourself for tons of specialty writing. What’s that? You aren’t specializing yet? Maybe this list will change your mind…

KForce Staffing wants a technical writer to apply for a Pittsburg, PA gig. Best advice when applying for a writing gig through a staffing agency–ask up front whether there is any kind of fee you must pay for landing the gig. Some agencies charge you, some don’t. Ask first.

EmployedOnline advertises a position for a cell phone writer/reviewer. This one is morning hours only and involves looking for headlines on cell phone topics. You may also have a chance to cover trade shows and industry conventions.

MainJustice.com wants someone to cover antitrust, taxes, fraud and many other topics. But they only want you if you’ve got a background in newsletter writing and have a love for minutia. For some reason they also want you to have database skills…send a cover letter, resume and put “jobs” in the subject line and send to editors@mainjustice.com.

Real estate writers, here’s one for you–Real Estate Express wants qualified writers to repurpose old RE course material. This gig advertises up to $30 per hour and the jobs are turned in two to three weeks. Send your resume and experience to Scribe@realestateexpress.com

If you are an “educated writer” (their words, not ours), drop mnsavage@yahoo.com a line–especially if you’re fluent in APA, MLA, Chicago Manual of Style. Include your education background and a writing sample.