What Blogs Do You Follow?

48 feasts -Catherine L. Tully

OK. Truth be told…I am a blogger that doesn’t follow a whole bunch of blogs every day. I find most kind of predictable, or lacking in solid information. I can get hooked on an interesting idea or a fact-packed presentation, however. And not all the blogs I follow are about writing…

Before I list a few of the main blogs I do check in on, I’d like to pose the question to you–what blogs do you follow regularly? I’m curious to see what you guys are checking out.

Here’s a taste of the ones that I peek in on most often…

48 Feasts– This isn’t a writing blog, but the subject is fun. The author is in the military, stationed in Korea away from his family. To pass the time he is creating a feast–preparing a meal from scratch–every Sunday for the 48 weeks he is there. He gives details so you too can make what he is eating if you find it interesting. Great read.

A Writer’s Edge– Georganna Hancock is someone who has advice that you can rely on. I discovered this blog while surfing one day and find myself returning again and again to sift through the wealth of information that is there.

Editor Unleashed– Another blog with good, solid information that you can put right to work.

Freelance Writerville– Yolander Prinzel’s sharp tongue and quick wit amuse, but it is the solid advice on this site that makes it more than a cream puff blog.

The Writer’s Technology Companion– This site should be winning awards for the great tech info it presents. I always enjoy visiting and often learn something new that helps me to be more effective as a writer.

Problogger– Scads of information. If you blog, you really should visit this site regularly.

All Freelance WritingThis is my most recent addition. After I discovered this blog I found myself returning to it again and again. I’m not sure if it’s the presentation or easy tone I enjoy most, but it’s worth checking out if you haven’t been there.

3 thoughts on “What Blogs Do You Follow?”

  1. I follow Editor Unleashed and Freelance Writerville on my reader, too, in addition to some other writer blogs like Jenn Escalona’s (http://blog.jennescalona.com) and literary agent’s Nathan Bransford (http://nathanbransford.blogspot.com/).

    One of my favorite recent discoveries is the Awful Library Books blog (http://awfullibrarybooks.wordpress.com/), which is run by two Michigan librarians who post outdated books found in libraries from all over the country. It’s always good for a laugh to see that a book on “modern computers” from 1978 is still on a shelf somewhere.

  2. i’d have to say, i’m a huge fan of this little cooking blog.

    thanks for the link cath, i hope everyone enjoys.

    miss you all.

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