Submissions Wanted: The Freelance Job Site Honor Roll

freelance job survival

by Joe Wallace

The search for freelance jobs is never easy, and those who search for them by hand don’t have an easy time of it. I’ve been on the warpath in the last few months about hand-picked freelance jobs, and it dawned on me today that there really ought to be some kind of central list of hardworking bloggers and webmasters who offer hand selected freelance jobs instead of letting software do the scrapin’.

So I make it official–Freelance-Zone is compiling an honor roll of freelance writing sites that regularly offer personally selected freelance jobs (at least one post of freelance jobs per week). Submit your own site or someone else’s to the Freelance-Zone Scraper Free Honor Roll with HONOR ROLL in the subject line. You should know there’s a fun little incentive for doing this–we’re sending the owners of the top three submissions we like best a great prize—the top three on our Honor Roll get a Starbucks gift card for being so damn cool. How much will be loaded on it? $10? $10,000? We aren’t telling.

It’s not enough to say thanks for working against the grain with your hand-picked freelance job selections, we want to pump you full of coffee, too! We haven’t settled on an end date for this, but it will be a quick one–within the next few days we’ll post a reminder about this and let you know when the final day for submissions will be–in the meantime, send your nomination with HONOR ROLL in your subject line to

Remember, the criteria for submission is simple–your blog must post at least one collection of freelance jobs per week, and they must be hand-picked. That’s all! Be sure to include a mailing address where we can send your Starbucks prize if you make it into our top three.