Writer Jobs Monday August 31 2009

get freelance jobsby Joe Wallace

I can not stop laughing at the call for a writer I found this morning with a list of required skills which included English, spelling, and “grammer”. I realize full well this makes me a bad person. So be it.

If you live in Iowa, want to write scripts and can run a pro-grade video camera, there’s a job waiting for you in Omaha. I have a sneaking suspicion–but no proof–that this is a civilian contractor job at Offut Air Force Base, but I could be dead wrong on that score. But if it IS such a gig, there is seriously decent money to be made.

Medimmune seeks a big league phara/medical writer for a position in Gathersburg, MD. This requires some heavy credentials so it’s not for the generalist writer. Got post-grad in medicine or pharma? This is the gig for you.

A Canadian tourism site run by Niche Media Solutions needs a expat living in Canada to write tourism pieces for a full or part time freelance gig. Base pay is $1000 a month. Drop them a line with your resume plus some detailed background information and how it relates to the job. Send all info to NicheMediaSolutions@yahoo.com.

And finally a bi-monthly Texas magazine seeks freelancers living within 100 miles of Austin for features, travel and food pieces and much more. Pay for this one is up to $500 based on word count but the ad stresses you must live within the specified distance or don’t bother applying.

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  1. Grammer… Depressing.

    I’m trying to find freelance tourism/food writing jobs. I live in Rome Italy, and I think my best bet is online content.

    Thanks for this website, and for the work you put into it.

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