Where’s The Blue Box?


by Catherine L. Tully

The mail is not yet obsolete for writers. I occasionally send a snail mail query and I often receive things in the mail from clients (besides checks). Project information often has to go through the mail system and this means knowing where the closest “blue box” is. If you are looking for one near where you are, I’ve got great news for you…

The Mailbox Locator is actually a pretty exciting website. Simply type in your zip (or the zip where you are) and it will bring up a map of the area with all the mailboxes that are around. I did it for where I live and found a ton of them I didn’t even know about! The best part is that (at least for my location) you can also find out the pick up hours on each box. Now that’s high-tech!

You might want to save this one on your mobile phone. It’s pretty handy.