Freelance Writing Jobs Monday August 24 2009

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by Joe Wallace

Have a look at our freelance writing jobs and see what fits for you, and don’t forget to share with us if you know of anything worthy that belongs here that hasn’t been listed. We’re always glad to get more leads, freelance job updates and such from our favorite people.

The Tribune Company seeks a freelance writer for KPIX TV in New York. This is a part time gig for anyone with a television background looking for a good freelance writing job with an Emmy-winning company.

Are you living in the Cape Girardeau, Missouri region looking for some extra freelance writing assignments? The Southeast Missourian is looking for some freelance writers to cover community events.

Pygmalion Films seeks scripts for commercials. This is low pay for the industry, about $100 per, but is an interesting possibility for someone looking to break into script writing, especially if you have a background in commercial copy.

The Worcester, MA Guild of the Catholic Medical Association is still looking for someone who can do a 12 week project interviewing Catholic doctors for a “faith into action” type book. The writer is listed as co-author but gets no royalties, but does receive a fee. Contact Dr. John Howland at with a resume plus a 500 word essay on “My Life In Faith”.

And finally, I ran across an unusual site while searching for freelance jobs to bring to you. WorkWithClark offers content writing work, but the tone is very informal and off the cuff. Is this freelance writing opportunity for real? I’d love to get input from anyone who’s worked for this website and can offer their two cents worth. On the surface it looks like a good way for someone to get their feet wet writing SEO content…

One thought on “Freelance Writing Jobs Monday August 24 2009”

  1. I went to the sales and promotion site associated with WorkWithClark, which is My first impression was not real great.

    To quote a sentence from his promotional content:

    “In a nutshell we use our vast resources of web designers, SEO insiders, publicity experts, content writers, sales copywriters, site optimization experts, internet marketing eggheads, and market knowhow to create an online presence for your name online.”

    Clark, or whoever wrote this on his behalf, either cannot create a well-written sentence, or did not choose to make the effort. “…an online presence for your name online.” ?????


    Your mileage may vary, but it left me with a bad taste.


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