Burning Questions for Freelance Writers

questions for freelancersby Joe Wallace

There are many things I see my fellow freelancers do that I don’t understand. Some for the better, some for the worse. I could write miles of advice on some of these issues, but I think that sometimes the best course of action is merely to ask a probing question.

The best answers may come from within on some of these burning questions, and while some of my friends will howl with laughter at such seemingly faux-mystical nonsense, read my burning questions and decide for yourself. Some of these questions are presented to make you ask yourself if you’re ready to make a new commitment to higher rates, better work, and recognizing that you’ve actually made it as a freelancer.

Fellow freelance writers, I ask you:

  • Why do some freelancers insist on looking for new freelance jobs only at the most heavily-trafficked freelance job sources on the ‘net?
  • Why do some writers work in a vacuum, not reading the work of their fellow writers and comparing skill sets?
  • Why do freelancers make their Twitter feeds private?
  • Why do some freelancers include TMI in their professional profiles? (as in Too Much Information)
  • Why do freelance writers fail to make lists of their skill sets and specialize in their truly awesome skills?
  • Why do some fail to study the major-leaguers in the business and examine what makes those big names so great?

  • Why do so many people buy e-books but fail to pass on info about the poorly written or completely unhelpful ones?
  • Why do people write themselves into the ground without a break? Day after day?
  • Why do people read books about freelancing and fail to take the advice they read?
  • What could entice a writer to raise his or her rates?
  • What makes a writer decide to turn down paying gigs?
  • Where does the freelance writer realize they are actually making their freelance life work for them?

One thought on “Burning Questions for Freelance Writers”

  1. Simple answer? Not everyone is good at being a business owner.

    Mean answer? Not everyone is smart, diligent, determined, courageous or creative enough to be a successful business owner.

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