Freelancer Freebies: Market Research

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by Joe Wallace

Free stuff for freelancers! Our ongoing series continues with some great dual-purpose free stuff we discovered via Coupon Cravings. One of the big challenges for new freelancers who want to specialize in print magazines is doing market research on the cheap.

Instead of buying all those magazines (which is handy as a tax write-off for your freelance writing business) you can try the public library, you can stand around in the bookstore flipping through the pages, or (more conveniently) you can score some free magazines like these.

This particular offer is excellent for new writers looking for parenting/baby magazines to send queries to. Check out the free subscriptions to American Baby, Babytalk, and Pregnancy magazine.

We think freelance writing market research is much easier when the magazines are coming to your mailbox rather than chasing them down at the bookstore. It’s even better when they are free. Three cheers to Coupon Cravings for turning us on to this great free offer.