Debug Magazine and Continuing Education

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by Joe Wallace

I am truly enjoying Debug Magazine, which I discovered by accident while researching and doing query prep. Debug sounds like a coder’s blog, but this is actually aimed at freelancers of many creative disciplines including writers.

I was particularly inspired by the article Freelance Work and Continuing Education. The best articles on freelancing, at least for me, are the ones that make me think about things the author probably never intended. In this case, the post concentrates on education to further your work in your own field of expertise, but I wound up thinking about ways to expand my writing horizons by doing things like getting a real estate license or explore a gym instructor certification. I write plenty about FHA loans, insurance, fitness, medicine and related technical topics, but how much farther could I go writing about these things with a certification under my belt?

There are plenty of ways to add credibility to your existing body of work. Continuing education is one way to do that. Thanks to Debug, I’ve got plenty to chew on this weekend. Recommended reading.

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  1. I like this article by Joe Wallace. I started following him on Twitter this morning. He mentioned this site, so I thought I would check it out. Very helpful, always good to learn somethig new.

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