A Simple Exercise To Kill Writer’s Block


I still don’t believe in writer’s block per se. I’ve written other screeds about this, and in a nutshell while I believe it’s possible to work yourself to the point of burnout, I think as long as you can physically use your brain, you don’t have “writer’s block”.

The key is to physically walk away from your work when the ideas won’t come that second. Take a break and just let it sit for a while.

If you find you still can’t write when you get back to the computer, try this little trick:

Write a paragraph about your writer’s block. Describe the circumstances you were working under when you ran out of ideas and in as much detail as you can manage, write about the symptoms you’re currently experiencing. Make it a complete thought–beginning, middle, and end. Then walk away and have lunch, coffee, whatever. Come back in an hour. Chances are you’ll be able to get back to your original project.

Some pepole have to walk away for the rest of the day, and if you can afford to do that, more power to you. Writer’s block is often a symptom of overwork, burnout and putting far too much thought into the project and not letting yourself simply WRITE. Step away from the infernal machine (your computer) for a while and recharge.