Five Ways to Get Press Attention for Your Book


So you have a book out soon and you need some press…what’s a first time book author to do? You aren’t a “name” yet, you hardly know a thing about the PR game, and you’re worried nobody will show up at your very first book signing. Need some help? Here’s some good advice that can make the difference between hearing the crickets at your book signing and dealing with an actual room full of people.

5. Send your press releases to every newspaper, radio station, TV talk show and blogger within 100 miles of your zip code. What’s that? You don’t HAVE a press release? Shame on you. Your new book is NEWS, whether it’s a story for children or a how-to on do-it-yourself dentistry.

4. Our first bit of advice begs the question, “How can I make the media sit up and take notice of me? Press releases are a dime a dozen.” Too true. That is why you need to take great pains to use the concept, “Local author makes good” to its full advantage. Let your local media know they have a home town hero cranking out the books and getting published. THAT is a great story.

3. Get yourself some interview time at local radio stations by calling the front desk, asking who the producer is for your favorite talk show, and pitch that person an interview using #4 as your “in”.

2. Do the same for your local TV station news department, afternoon talk show, etc. Hit up that local angle and be sure to mention any relevant local connections if they are part of your book. Hit that local angle just as hard as you can!

1. Offer a limited-time donation on part of your book proceeds to a local charity. Whip up a press release letting the world know that for the next month, X percent of your book sales get sent to Charity XYZ. Then using this angle, repeat my previous suggestions. Look at all that potential free press!