Tips From Travel Betty


If you are looking for a little inspiration and a lot of good travel tips, check out Travel Betty. In her own words, she:

-Will spend two nights in a $7 room in order to offset a splurge in a $200+ room
-Doesn’t do all-inclusive
-Goes where the wind blows
-Won’t eat a still-beating cobra heart unless she really wants to
-Is always on the lookout for other Travel Betties and Boys
-Respects the culture even if she doesn’t agree
-Supports mom-and-pops over corporations
-Can greet and thank people in their native tongue
-Gets her adrenaline pumping
-Likes to be pampered, not gouged
-Doesn’t always do it perfectly, but is grateful to be doing it at all

Intrigued? Good! I really enjoyed reading her entries, and if you travel–or want to write about it–I’d recommend checking her site out. She’s fun and young and just plain cool. And if she ever gets to Chicago, I hope she looks me up.

One thought on “Tips From Travel Betty”

  1. Wow, thanks for the props, Catherine! I’m glad you’re such a fan of Travel Betty. You can bet I’ll look you up the next time I’m in Chicago. In the meantime, have a Wiener Circle dog for me 🙂

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