John Pareles on Music Marketing: Insert the Word “Writer” Here

freelance-writing-advice-3Interesting reading over at the New York Times. This article by John Pareles is interesting enough to me as a very part-time musician and goofy music creator (ask Cath about her addiction to “Psychadelic Beige Orangutangs” available on CD Baby and iTunes).

But if you can read between the lines and insert the phrase “freelance writer” everywhere you read “musician” or “band” you get an idea of how this article could generate LOADS of great marketing ideas. What on earth does David Bowie shilling for Lincolns have to do with writers getting ahead of the game in a recession?

For a start, writers need to think more like musicians when it comes to plugging their work and talents. Writing isn’t as sexy as being in a band, but the marketing needs are the same–get your material in front of as many people as humanly possible. Could writers start pimping themselves out like rockers, doing endorsements and trying to create a bigger brand for themselves?

Why, I do believe the answer is a great big YES.

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  1. I am also addicted !!!!!!! And a happy addiction it is. What is up with that song? I do love it, though.

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