Guest Blogging is the New PR

batman-shirtWhen the Gotham police department wants to get Batman’s attention, they have it easy. Shine the Bat-Signal on the clouds and hope he’s not sleeping it off somewhere. When bloggers want to attract attention, they have to do a bit more work.

Know we all know that guest blogging can help you build traffic to your site, but let’s think a bit outside the box for a second. Many freelancers don’t have enough business to write full time…yet. Some freelancer who ARE full time have steady contract gigs that keep them busy like a regular day job (that would include me as editor of Cheap Today) but who use mad time-management skills and a massive influx of caffeine to keep the off-duty output higher than a kite.

This is where you can use guest blogging to cast a wide net for yourself online. Let’s say you write a lot of material for or employed by Joe Blow’s Crunchy Frog Shack. Even if you are employed as a mere grease monkey at Joe Blow’s, scraping the frog innards off the fryers eight hours per day, you still might be able to find a way to guest blog at someone else’s site.

Give your take on life as a frog-scraper for Joe Blow’s Crunchy Frog Shack or offer some expert frog-scrapin’ tips. Now your name is on not just the work you do freelance for pay, but it’s also on those guest blog entries, too. And if you’re a SMART guest blogger, you’re using StumbleUpon, Digg and other social media to promote your own writing on the guest blog post.

THEN you go onto your own blog (see where this is going?) and plug your own guest blog post…then Digg and Stumble THOSE posts. I am doing this very thing with my guest blog post for The Digerati Life on how to avoid getting scammed when shopping for online deals.

I’m the editor of Cheap Today, and I look for deals all the time, so it’s no stretch for me to do a guest blog post on this stuff. Fun, easy, and it puts my name out there one more time for Google and all the peeps.

Now your name is everywhere. Google gets to rally around you a little bit, and you get mucho mileage out of your work.