Writing Goals For 2009

Ok. Here we are, sitting at the edge of 2009…. and I’d like to ask you a question–have you developed any writing goals for the upcoming year? Having a set of ideas that you want to reach for can help you–I’ve done this for years and recommend it highly. It doesn’t have to be a super in-depth sheet listing every detail, but try at least to include the following:

  1. How much money you’d like to make for the year.
  2. A publication credit or two that you’d like to get.
  3. Some type of self-improvement as a writer. (Taking a class, reading a book on self-publishing, etc.)
  4. A “shoot the moon” goal that can help give you inspiration.

Tuck these goals away. Put them somewhere you’ll remember them when the next year is drawing to a close, and then see how you did overall. Or….post somewhere to remind yourself what direction you are hoping to go. You may just be shocked by how close you can come to achieving them!