4 Networking Ideas For Writers

Since writing is such a solitary pursuit, you may at times ask yourself, “how can I network”? There are plenty of ways to expand your associations and get to know people who may bring you work. Here are some ways to get started:

  1. Is there a writers group in your area? Join and see what other writers have to say. You can pick up tons of information this way, and many have an online presence as well these days. If there is no group where you live, consider starting one yourself.
  2. Check into your Chamber of Commerce. Although this can cost you a little money, Chamber members do try to look out for one another. Depending on the place you live and the type of writing you do, it may be worthwhile.
  3. Photography clubs can be a good resource. Even if you don’t shoot, dropping in to meet local photographers can be fruitful. Next time you need photos for a piece, someone may be willing to help you out.
  4. Book clubs are another possibility. If you enjoy reading and have the time, it can be enriching. It can also be a great way to expand your pool of contacts.

2 thoughts on “4 Networking Ideas For Writers”

  1. Good ideas, I also find that forums are brilliant for networking and sharing ideas and contacts.
    Joining other freelancing forums in other disciplines, such as web design, photography and graphic design have been great in generating leads and work for me. 🙂

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