What To Do During The Holidays…

Things tend to get slow around the holidays for writers. Use the time wisely and follow Joe’s stellar advice to try for those last-minute articles, or choose from some of the following tasks so you are moving forward; not standing still:

  • Polish up your website.
  • Scan your clips.
  • Send out intros to new publications.
  • Get some holiday cards out to editors–and yes–I think it is a GREAT idea!
  • Make a goals list for next year. Include a $ number that you’d like to make.
  • Clear off your desk, update your files and get any other tasks you can’t get to on a regular basis done.

Don’t let the silly season be an excuse to get lazy. It will be 2009 before you know it–and you’d better be ready to hit the ground running! I know I will be!