Business and Legal Forms For Photographers

Freelance writers who branch out into photography make themselves much more marketable. It’s one thing to make a pitch to an editor with the story, but another altogether to say “I can provide pictures of the balloon race, too!” Your photos lend an immediacy to any article that the plain text might not be able to provide.

Tad Crawford’s Business and Legal Forms for Photographers is an important volume to own if you want to get paid for your pics. This book and CD-ROM combo has the right forms you need for just about any situation where you and your camera need a piece of paper making the gig official. Do you need a contract or agreement to shoot a wedding, news assignment or simple head shots? If you shoot images for any story and your pic have recognizable faces in them, you’ll need a copy of the model release found in this book. Do NOT publish those people’s faces without the legal protection that a model release gives!

Bloggers, there’s also some help for YOU as well. You may find yourself in need of a license for web publication or even a non-disclosure agreement page for anyone you bring on board to help you with your work. Maybe you want to sell some stock photos and make some money on the side? This book has the forms that will protect you and make your images saleable to the stock houses–the good ones REQUIRE the proper paperwork signed and delivered where appropriate. The bad ones? Don’t even waste your time with ’em.

Tad Crawford’s Business and Legal Forms for Photographers is a must-own if you want to start making money off those pics.

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