What Do Writing Skills Have To Do With A Halloween Bag?

At first glance you may wonder what this is all about…

I’d just like to remind you that your writing skills can be utilized in a variety of ways. For those of you who don’t know this about me–I create designs that I then screen onto t-shirts and bags in addition to my writing. I created this Halloween design for trick-or-treat bags, and to make them even more marketable, I wrote a list of Halloween Safety Tips to go with it. This enables me to set myself apart from the competition and bring something unique to my design package.

Bottom line is–if you think outside the box, you will find a number of great uses for your writing skills. I was able to interest an ebay store in carrying the bags, and I’m sure the “extra” of having the tips to go with it made a difference in closing the deal.

Is there anything you could be doing with your writing skills that you may not have thought of? Take a step back and look at the things you are involved in…if you can find a way to get the word out about your skill as a writer, or market a product you make, or come up with a creative way to use your talents to get ahead…why not do it?!

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  1. You could sell those yourself on eBay. It isn’t that hard to set it up, and that way you could keep all of the profits. I could talk you through it is you ever want to do it.

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