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Usually when I find resources like this, I comment on them and discuss their pros and cons. In this case, I am more curious about the larger impression it makes. How does the community react to this kind of cross-pollenization? I know how it strikes ME, but I am dying of curiosity to know what others are thinking when they see this come across their radar. I discovered this clip at YouTube–it was posted in January 2008 and has only been seen 200-ish times. I’d love to know what kind of feedback the author of this clip has gotten or if the clip had driven significant traffic to the site mentioned. Freelancers, if you ran a business like this, do you think this clip best represents what is on offer? Is this the best use of the resources available? Does this clip do the job and make you want to check out the website? What would you do differently? I invite you to discuss:

2 thoughts on “Freelancers Using YouTube”

  1. hmmmm. What she is offering is a fantastic concept. But she didn’t give enough information to convince me that it would be different than any other job boards or news letters.

    Instead of searching through hundreds of possible leads, I would have like to hear her say that she worked with 20 to 50 different clients who had consistent, ongoing needs for writers. Short of that I would have at least like to have heard some examples of the types of gigs she is drumming up.

  2. I think that it sounds great–but like Foop, I would also like more information and for it to have more of an “exclusive” feel. The one thing that isn’t answered for me is – “What can you give me exactly that I can’t get anywhere else?”

    I do LOVE the idea of the video ad, and this one is fairly basic, but effective. I would like to see what someone with big time editing skills can put together. The narrator’s voice does sound like she is reading off a sheet, but she has a very friendly and trustworthy-sounding voice.

    A testimonial or two might be nice as well–I do like to hear solid, specific results from a customer. It adds credibility.

    They are ahead of the curve on the idea–that’s for sure!

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