Freelance Music Journos Take Note: Pygmalion Festival

As some of our our readers know, I have a big soft spot for music journalism. I’ve been a muso journo for a very long time, starting as early as 1992 as a self-publisher in the zine craze to my “serious” interviews with Nine Inch Nails, Cheap Trick, and Glen “Once” Hansard.

Normally an event like the Pygmalion Music Festival would be a bit outside the pale of our coverage here at, but if you are getting your feet wet in freelance music journalism, here is a chance to cover a serious event featuring up-and-coming acts and regional favorites alike. These folks are accessible, they genuinely appreciate good press and the fest is bound to be a lot of fun for any freelancer who goes out to cover it. Pygmalion is located in Champaign-Urbana in Illinois September 17-20th.

Here’s a hint for an eager freelancer–this festival is put on by a partnership between a few different entities including the indie label Polyvinyl. A GREAT hook for covering this festival is that Polyvinyl is a label which issues new music on record albums as well as MP3s and other media. How does such a label manage to do all this–put out vinyl albums, help put on a music festival, etc–in today’s absolutely consumer-unfriendly economy? The bands on this label face the same financial struggles the label does…everybody’s future is at stake. How DO they manage?

Seth Hubbard is the press contact for the festival, drop him a line to get press credential information and to learn more about the event