Top 10 Anyone?

America’s Best & Top Ten┬áis a super “idea generation” site. It lists the “top ten” for a variety of subjects, and can be the perfect place to start your research or come up with article ideas. Here is a small sampling of the categories you will find, along with a few examples of what is listed in them:

  • Food and Drink (pizza, chocolate, ice cream)
  • Amusements (roller coasters, water parks, zoos)
  • Cities (bike friendly, places to live, college towns)
  • Places to Stay (lighthouses, treehouses, bed and breakfasts)
  • Music (festivals, singles)
  • Movies (chick flicks, horror, comedies)
  • Travel (train trips, cruise lines)

There’s more, but as you know….I like to put out the tease and let you go see for yourself…