libflag.gif is a free virtual library that you can bookmark as a good reference tool. It serves as a library directory, reference desk and more…

There are articles and trivia on the site–a great spot to get started when brainstorming article ideas. Well-organized, interesting and fun–this is good writer stuff. Here is what they say about their offerings, in their own words…

Provides a gateway to more than 5,000 libraries around the world. From these sites:
• Search card catalogs
• Inquire about interlibrary loans
• Tour the latest exhibit at the Library of Congress
• Read full-text articles
• Explore holdings of the New York Public Library
• Type in your address to find the closest library
Reference Desk
Highlights top-notch sites for business and government information, encyclopedias, dictionaries, calculators, maps, phone
books, quotations, statistics and more. From these sites:
• Convert teaspoons to milliliters
• Locate 20 quotations on the meaning of love
• Find the population of Tiny Town, Colo.
• Track down a college roommate
• Research more than 100,000 companies
• Look up “selaginella” in more than 350 dictionaries
• Map directions to Grandma’s house
• Download income tax forms
Must-See Sites
Showcases the best of the best sites for the library information and reference category. Re-evaluated and updated regularly, Must-See Sites are selected for their quality, content and utility.
Reading Room
Offers links to the top book, journal, newspaper and magazine sites. From these sites:
• Browse more than 50,000 book reviews
• Read the on-line text of 3,500 newspapers from Russia
to Dubuque, Iowa.
• Access full-text literary, medical and law journals
• Research biographies of more than 800 authors
• Read Hamlet in its entirety
Librarian’s Shelf
Features relevant resources for information professionals. From these sites:
• Explore industry publications and associations
• Read up on public Internet access issues
• Join a discussion group on adult literacy
• Brush up on HTML basics for librarian
You Asked for It, Do You Know & Lists
Find the answers to frequently asked reference questions, learn fun and interesting facts such as “Why the sky is blue?” to
“What famous men started out their career as a newspaper delivery boy?” and tap into useful information for research or
just for fun.
On Exhibit & Sites of the Month
These sections highlight new and interesting online exhibits from libraries and organizations around the world, and celebrate outstanding library and reference Web sites making outstanding contributions to the online reference community.
Insightful Editorial
Enlightening editorial sparks thought and highlights individuals and organizations making a difference.