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I recently stumbled across freelancer Daniel Brantley’s blog and decided, based on his most recent entry to take his advice and run a Google search on myself. Lo and behold, I was quite pleased to see that I’m in the top five results on page one for my very common name. Not bad for a humble freelancer with a bit of net-knowhow, eh?

Something more disturbing–a blog post rife with cringe-making spelling errors, and nighmarish violations of Strunk & White’s “omit needless words” law which should be reported to the feds. This blog post was NOT written by yours truly, but it’s so badly written and assembled that this guy’s hamfisted attempt to credit me as a source for a drunk driving statistic actually makes it appear as though I wrote the damn article. I know that’s a stretch, but it’s true.

I’m not going to embarass this poor halpless doink by linking to the badly written slop. He got plenty of bad comments about the awfulness of the article and in light of that I think he’s been punished enough. But the moral of this story is, you really ought to Google yourself to see what’s being done in your name on the net. In my case, it looks pretty rotten–if you read this blog post and assume that it’s written by me, you would never hire me to polish the brass on the Titanic.

Fortunately for me, this crapola is buried three pages deep in the Google results. Anybody looking for me on Google will find my GOOD stuff and move on long before getting bored enough to click over to page three at the bottom of the pile. That said, I know plenty of people who have had work “borrowed” for other web sites who didn’t learn about it until they randomly Googled themselves out of boredom. If you don’t know how your name is represented on the web, take a moment and pull up and give your own name a spin. You could be shocked by what you find. Cheers to Daniel Brantley for reminding me to have a look…

One thought on “Google Yourself”

  1. Ha! Almost 30 months after the original post, I Google my name again and find this! What a great entry. You certainly took my stripped down blog entry and made it something more useful and fun to read.

    Interested in a site that would stumble across my blog (Aren’t all writers conceded to an extent?), I clicked around a bit and was thrilled to learn that a) you’re still going strong and b) the site is largely about freelance writing.

    I was also thrilled to learn that the Christmas funk has hit your writers hard as well! It’s always good to have other folks who understand the Holiday drought.

    Well, thanks for the link, and if interested, I would love to cook up a guest entry on the site.

    All the best,

    write. research. interview. edit.

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