Blue Microphones Snowball USB Bundle

blue-microphones-snowball-usb.jpgSome writers are content to simply blog, but there are some of us who yearn to venture into the world of podcasting. The PR might of a good podcast cannot be denied, and if you want to take self-promotion to the next level you might be ready to try your hand at this still-developing medium.

Audio podcasts are a great place to begin, since you can distribute your pearls of wisdom, snarky comments and timely observations via your own site, plus iTunes and other digital download centers. But where to start? Do you need a lot of fancy gear to do a simple audio podcast?

No. Blue Microphones presents the Snowball USB microphone, made to plug directly into your computer so you can use GarageBand, Adobe Premier, and other applications people use to create and edit audio files.

This bundle comes with the mic, USB cable and a mic stand, so you can plug in and start recording right away. Blue Microphones has a switch which lets you choose a between normal recording and a setting for loud sounds, which is most handy for recording musicians playing through amplifiers. In other words, it’s made as a vocal mic AND an instrument microphone. The Snowball also comes with a manual to walk you through the not-so-complicated setup and recording details.

The best thing about this pro-quality mic bundle is the price You can buy the Blue Microphones Snowball USB mic for $99.00. If you want to know more bout the mic, check out a video about the Blue Microphones Snowball mic I shot for at a trade show in 2006. Please note, that is NOT me in the vid, it’s my old co-worker Rob Warmowski.

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