writing-hermit.jpgWritingHermit is an interesting writing blog from Canada. The post that caught my eye today is titled Writing For New Media – Lots of Opportunities For Writers. Now here’s a great example of thinking outside the tried-n-true avenues for freelance writing gigs. It is very easy to become married to the notion that all a freelance writer does is write articles or stories.

Kudos to WritingHermit for calling attention to both mobile content and video games as sources of writing work. I do tend to disagree with the notion in this article that most podcasts are scripted, but I may wind up eating my words on that one, since WritingHermit lists three markets for those who want to try their hand at writing podcast material. I am going to look into that and see what happens–and kudos to HermitWriter for pointing out those markets!

This is a useful blog for writers; I am quite impressed with the large amount of market information packed into this site. I’m adding this one to my morning “must-check” routine for the forseeable future.

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